This is an aggregated list of blogs run by the users of HackerNews, shared in the post: Ask HN: Could you share your personal blog here?
The actual dataset used is based on another post, that attempted to aggregate the data: Show HN: List (OPML) of Hacker News Users Personal Blogs

Use the links above to navigate the site. I had to split things up by year, so you don't end up with 10 MB HTML pages and 100 MB RSS feeds.
I created this site because the idea of having a single feed of all the blogs seemed nice. I'm not affiliated with Hacker News.

This project is built as a set of Python scripts that:

  • Download the OPML list of all the blogs from GitHub
  • Parse all of the links and download the feeds (RSS/Atom/...)
  • Combine the data into feeds for each year, based on the post dates
  • Render the static HTML for this webpage, hosted by a web server

If you want to learn more, you can read my blog post: "Ever wanted to read thousands of tech blogs? Now you can!"
If you like this, you can donate some money through PayPal to help cover the hosting costs.

How to add a new feed: currently the data is pulled from the GitHub repo, have a look there.
Source code: might eventually release this, currently hosted on my private Gitea instance and is quite hacky.

Additional information: this site uses Matomo analytics (with obfuscated IP addresses and no cookies).
If you want, you can opt out here. This WILL set an opt-out cookie.